Jessica L Schultz

Owner, educational programs director, and primary instructor Jes (AKA Super Jes), began teaching gymnastics in 1999 while earning her BFA in Dance at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Before graduate school Jes spent 9 years as a performer, producer, director, teacher, and choreographer of dance, gymnastics and yoga in Milwaukee, Phoenix, Brooklyn and New York. She was director and manager of programs at Ms J’s Gymnastics and Dance studio in Brooklyn for 3 years. Jes moved to Colorado in 2011 and earned a MS degree in Sport Pedagogy from University of Northern Colorado where she designed dance and yoga curricula for K-12 PE. Now also a licensed k-12 Dance and physical education teacher, Jes provides a variety of circus arts educational programs in and around Fort Collins. Jes is currently enrolled in Ecole National Circus instructor training!

Lindy Zuroski

Lindy juggles her time as a wife, mother, hospital clinical pharmacist, flow artist performer/instructor, and now adds business owner to her resume. Lindy grew up in Minneapolis, MN, loving theater and the arts. However, in college at the University of Minnesota, she directed her attention towards the sciences. After graduation she and her husband moved to Fort Collins. For the last 30 years she has practiced clinical pharmacy in northern Colorado and, with her husband, raised three children.

The joy of hula hooping was re-discovered in 2012 while Lindy attended her son’s soccer game. Her interest was swayed toward a young woman spinning hula hoop tricks as she had never seen before. That day her hoop dancing and circus journey began. Lindy connected with local hula hoop and flow art communities becoming active with Fort Collins Hoop Circle and an administrator for Colorado World Hoop Day.

Lindy started performing in 2016 and added fire dancing to her skills. She continued training with hula hoops; attending workshops and retreats in Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs. It was around this time that she also discovered manipulation of other flow props, acro-yoga and aerial arts. In 2017 her fire dancing skills allowed her to experience Burning Man for the first time as a Sentinel in the Great Circle.

Partnering with Jessica Schultz in 2018, their common vision of a specialized circus arts facility in Fort Collins was realized. Today as professional member of American Circus Educators, Lindy works towards bringing the highest quality and safety of circus arts instruction to both young and old in our community.

In 2019, Lindy had the pleasure of bringing hoop joy to children in the Philippines as a World Hoop Day Ambassador.