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Circus in the Park! July 13th. FREE in City Park Fort Collins, CO. 10:30am - 1pm

Ongoing classes

Spring 2024 session: March 26th through June 1st

Preschool Gym - come tumble and FLY! – For ages 2.5 – 5 years. The first goal of this class is to encourage these students to work with the instructor without the help of their parents. This may take time, but that's okay! Activities include listening games, obstacle course, hanging on apparatuses, cooperative games, and meditation time.

Aerial Prep – For ages 5-8 years. This class is for motor learning and development through the lens of Circus arts! Includes personal and social well being, obstacle course, tumbling, dance, yoga, aerial sling, lyra and silks, juggling, hula hooping, rolla bola and more!

7-8yr Intro, Level 1, 2 fabrics - All Aerial fabrics class! Must take intro level first. These classes are for students who have taken at least 2 sessions of Aerial Preparation or have tested into this level via an assessment with Super Jes. To schedule a $30 thirty minute assessment Contact Us

9-11 years aerial acrobatics – We offer classes in aerial silks, sling, trapeze, and lyra. New student session based enrollment can be done through the 2nd week of a session. New students may drop in through the 4th week of a session. After that, students need to do a $30 thirty minute assessment to be placed into the appropriate class. All students should begin in the Intro Level of any discipline unless having done an assessment.

All things circus - Join Coach Julie, Coach Paige, and Coach Kylie in learning all about getting creative in the circus arts! We will be learning multiple circus disciplines in this class such as, but not limited to: Aerial Sling, Lyra, Trapeze, Hooping, Poi, Juggling, Stilt Walking, Balloon Twisting, Unicycling, Acro Yoga, Face Painting, Character Building, and more!

Chinese Pole - Unlike the dancer pole, This one is thick and coated in rubber. Participants learn to climb and flip and support one another. Students should wear jeans, tennis shoes or specialty shoes, and bring long sleeves!

T(w)EENS – Aerial acrobatic classes are for socializing, athletic conditioning, learning new skills and sharpening old, and getting creative. It is a FUN way to maintain fitness, psycho-emotional well being and healthy relationships. Teens may also join adult classes! Same session format option as 9-11yrs.

  • *You can be sure that it is safe to return to our space! We have excellent air flow in our space Plus a new HEPA air filtration system. Our instructors are vaccinated. We follow state guidelines for mask wearing and cleanliness. Hand sanitizer and soap is available for everyone’s use.

Advancement through the levels

Our Lyra and Trapeze program is just a couple classes big. We now offer intro-L1 and L2 Lyra! They are great for cross training and broadening skill base and content knowledge! We highly recommend fabrics students attend.

Our Fabrics program is extensive because we have the height. That's right!

All participants must begin in the Intro level or have tested into a higher level via an assessment with Super Jes. To schedule a $30 thirty minute assessment Contact Us

  • To test out of the intro level...
  1. Must be able to perform straight and bent arm hangs for 10 seconds or more.
  2. Must have all stamps on the content board.
  • To test out of the level 1...
    1. Must be able to climb to the top with ease 4 times in a row
    2. Must be able to put on single footlock from a climb
    3. Must be able to do invert crochet cross back from a climb
    4. Must have at least ¾ of stamps on content board.
  • To test out of the level 2...
    1. Must be able to invert cross back straddle with foot locks on consistently

    2. Must be able to single knee hook climb to the top - same side, opposite side, and on both legs
    3. Must be able to perform 4 eggs in a row
    4. Must be able to stay in the air for 4+ minutes
    5. Must have ¾ of stamps on the content board.

  • To test out of the level 3...
    1. Must be able to hold back balance in the silks for 10 seconds

    2. Must be able to do 4 pull ups on a bar

    3. Must be able to perform straight arm inverts

    4. Must be able to perform strong wheel down/double star