Circus Adults

Run away with the circus!

Special workshops

Circus Saturday is upon us! A day of workshops where guest artists from the larger circus community share disciplines novel to our Fort Collins Circus Center’s weekly offerings. So many circus things to look forward to!

*Please note levels/prereqs for workshops.


  • Stacked drops in Silks w/ Drake Bruner Intermediate Advanced
  • Stilt walking w/ Staza Stone Beginner to Advanced
  • Flow arts w/ Duchess Lindy Beginner to Advanced


  • Partner Acrobatics w/ Bryan the Circus Knight Beginner to Advanced
  • Hand balancing w/ Drake Bruner Beginner to Advanced
  • Invented apparatus w/ Staza Stone Must be able to invert
  • Fire Safety course w/ Duchess Lindy Beginner to Advanced


  • Partner juggling w/ Bryan the Circus Knight Beginner to Advanced
  • German wheel w/ Chris Delgado Beginner to Advanced

Most single workshops are $55; Register for 3 consecutive workshops for only $144 and receive a free circus sticker! Take a workshop of your choice during all three time slots on Circus Saturday!

*Can select both Flow arts and Fire safety for one workshop fee

*Partner juggling fee is for TWO people. Register one and bring a friend for FREE

Make it an EPIC DAY!!!

Circus parties or small group privates are available for all ages! #adultkids #nevertooold #circuseverydamnday

Email for booking

Ongoing classes

Winter 2023 session: January 15th through March 3rd with option to participate in the annual student showcase March 8th, 9th, and/or 10th, 2023. Details to come. Join our newsletter mailing list for updates.

Pre-registration is required! Though we ALWAYS recommend taking a series of classes to build strength, knowledge and endurance, All students may drop in to any class on the schedule AT THEIR LEVEL OR LOWER. Our introduction to fabrics class is required 4 times before enrolling in a L1 fabrics class.

Flexibility - Coach Julie is certified in flexible anatomy. Great like a yoga class, this class is geared toward strength in flexibility for life long health and support of elite athleticism!

Aerial rope, silks, sling, lyra, Loop straps, and trapeze – From foundational classes to advanced aerial theory. Our certified and experienced instructors will meet each student at their level and provide insight for learning and improving upon safe aerial techniques. Progress at your own pace and begin to create!!!

Chinese Pole – Guest artist and instructor Dallin Foskey will be in town teaching this year through July 2023. This pole is rubber coated, please wear jeans and shoes to this class.

Acro yoga – 6:00pm Jams on Tuesdays! Bring a partner or don't! Support your movement in the air with this cross-training class. Build communication skills, deep core strength, and flexibility while having fun with friends! This is an excellent compliment to your aerial practice covering all of the pushing exercises needed to stay balanced and healthy in the body.

Aerial Open Work out – Strengthen, practice, improve with the safety of peers present. Participants are required to have taken at least 3 technique classes from any studio before attending. There is no instruction during this time.

Cyr Wheel - Guest artist and instructor Dallin Foskey will be in town teaching this year through July 2023. This is a single wheel that you can stand inside to spin, twirl, and cartwheel!

Flow arts Jam – Monday nights. Strengthen, practice, improve. Fun with friends and acquaintances helps Adults to stay physically and spiritually healthy! We have flow props, but participants are encouraged to bring some flow props to play with. This is an opportunity to see what other fun things you can do in the world of circus.


You're Never Too Old

Kids night out = Parent’s night out!

Friday night circus gym – Parents are welcome to drop off kids ages 6-13 years.

  • Next KNO is February 17th, 2022; 5:30-8:00pm. $45 per child; $30 for current students and siblings. Optional: Email to order pizza $1 per slice.
  • More upcoming events - March 24th, April 14th.
  • Activities include aerial, rola bola, hooping, juggling, slackline, stilt walking, and watching a circus video. We will make popcorn and share stories about our circus personas.

Fort Collins Circus Center 2536 Midpoint Dr. Fort Collins, CO. 80521