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Special workshops

Circus Saturday is a special day of workshops for teens and adults with instructors that are visiting artists from around the state!

April 27th, 2024!

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Ongoing classes

We have so many new class offerings! Pre-registration is required. We ALWAYS recommend taking a series of classes to build strength, knowledge and endurance, however, All students may drop in to any class on the schedule AT THEIR LEVEL OR LOWER. Our introduction class are required before enrolling in a L1 class.

Have experience? Schedule a meeting with one of our coaches (phone or in person) to determine what level would be a good fit for you.

Flexibility - Coach Abby is certified in flexible anatomy. Great like a yoga class, this class is geared toward strength in flexibility for life long health and support of elite athleticism!

Aerial rope, silks, sling, lyra, loop straps, and trapeze – From foundational classes to advanced aerial theory. Our certified and experienced instructors will meet each student at their level and provide insight for learning and improving upon safe aerial techniques. Progress at your own pace and begin to create!!!

Intro to Straps - Straps is great to increase your strength and is a wonderful conditioning class!

Acro yoga – Class and Jam on Tuesdays! Bring a partner or don't! Support your movement in the air with this cross-training class. Build communication skills, deep core strength, and flexibility while having fun with friends! This is an excellent compliment to your aerial practice covering all of the pushing exercises needed to stay balanced and healthy in the body.

Cyr Wheel - Instructor Jack will be taking this class over. This is a single wheel that you can stand inside to spin, twirl, and cartwheel.

Flow arts (Fire) Jam – Night TBD. Strengthen, practice, improve. Fun with friends and acquaintances helps Adults to stay physically and spiritually healthy! We have slack line, unicycles, rolla bolla and all the flow props! but participants are encouraged to bring some of their own to play with. This is an opportunity to see what other fun things you can do in the world of circus.

Aerial Open Work out – Strengthen, practice, improve with the safety of peers present. Participants are required to have taken at least 3 technique classes from any studio before attending. There is no instruction during this time.

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