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Special workshops

Circus parties or small group privates are available for all ages! #adultkids #nevertooold #circuseverydamnday

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Ongoing classes

Pre-registration is required! Though we ALWAYS recommend taking a series of classes to build strength, knowledge and endurance, All students may drop in to any class on the schedule AT THEIR LEVEL OR LOWER. Our introduction to fabrics class is required 4 times before enrolling in a beginner fabrics class.

Limited time - only 5 weeks left for Silks to Rope – Weds 7-8pm. A class for silks students to expand their horizons to a different but similar beast, ROPE. We’ll use silks as a frame of reference for working with rope, exploring the differences and similarities in the physicality of these apparatuses and how this affects our technique and presence as aerial artists. Previous silks/ hammock experience is encouraged. Students may want to wear 2 pairs of pants or jeggings, socks, and a top that covers your midsection to prevent burns. Colored nail polish can rub off on the rope, so you may be asked to wear socks if you have a fancy pedicure!

Pre-reqs: clean straddle invert, familiarity with hip keys, should be comfortable staying in the air for 2 mins.

NEW! OLCC Mix Apparatus Class - Our OLCC program is for ages 35+ . The first 5 weeks will be aerial sling, next 5 weeks will be Lyra, the following 5 weeks have not been determined yet but may be Trapeze, stilts, or bungee dance. OR we will put together sling and lyra choreography to be a part of a show in December - totally optional.

Time is tight and this is an effort to support our same aged peers in novel alternative fitness experiences! Please join us if you can. :) Register for session class - OLCC Mix Discipline on VAMP

Aerial silks, sling, lyra, and trapeze – From foundational classes to advanced aerial theory. Our certified and experienced instructors will meet each student at their level and provide insight for learning and improving upon safe aerial techniques. Progress at your own pace and begin to create!!!

Handstand class – This is now built into the acro yoga class! Get Balanced! This is a fitness class focusing on the strength, joint mobility and balance exercises that are necessary to achieve a gymnastic hollow-body handstand.

Aerial Yoga – Sun 3:15pm. This slower flowing class is great for strengthening and decompressing the body, mind and spirit. It’s also a fantastic way to begin your aerial journey. Learn grips and awareness in flips, navigating movement in new dimensions!

Acro yoga – Bring a partner! Support your movement in the air with this cross-training class. Build communication skills, deep core strength, and flexibility while having fun with friends! This is an excellent compliment to your aerial practice covering all of the pushing exercises needed to stay balanced and healthy in the body.

Aerial Open Work out – Strengthen, practice, improve with the safety of peers present. Participants are required to have taken at least 3 technique classes from any studio before attending. There is no instruction during this time.

Dance - Class will continue once we have a wood sprung dance floor ;) Jes has a dance degree! In this class she shares her expertise in classic modern techniques of Graham Limone, Cunningham, and Horton and ties it together with Laban movement fundamentals to easily translate movements into the air.

Flow arts – Email to start a community jam!

Acro or Flow arts Jam – Strengthen, practice, improve. Fun with friends and acquaintances helps Adults to stay physically and spiritually healthy! Participants are encouraged to have taken 3 acro yoga classes before attending the jam. Or just have some flow props to play with! This is an opportunity to see what other fun things you can do in the world of circus.


Parent’s night out!

Friday night open gym – Parents are welcome to drop off kids ages 5-12 years.

  • Next public event is cancelled due to state social regulations.
  • Activities include aerial, dance, hooping, juggling, slackline, stilt walking, and watching a circus video. We will make popcorn and share stories about our circus personas.

Fort Collins Circus Center 2536 Midpoint Dr. Fort Collins, CO. 80521