Fort Collins Circus Center

Wellness, physical activity, and creative expression through circus arts.

New Registration Platform!

We are switching over to a new registration platform called Dance Studio Pro to make it easier for families and students to register for new classes and communicate with us!

Click Here: Dance Studio Pro

  • ** All current and new students and families must make an account on Dance Studio Pro to register for classes. **

We perform. We teach. We explore.

Take one class or a series of classes at the circus center. Hire us to perform for your event. See us perform at community events around Northern Colorado!

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 kinesthetic intelligence & self expression

Circus arts, such as juggling, aerial dance and partner acrobatics, can be valuable non-competitive activities with which students can develop abilities in self-expression, collaboration, and musicality, while gaining knowledge and experience in health related skills they can use for a lifetime!

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