Fort Collins Circus Center

2.5-5yr Preschool Gym 10-1045am Open Workout 200-330pm 5-8yr Aerial Prep 350-450pm Kids Open Workout 400-530pm L4 Fabrics 415-530pm 5-8yr Aerial prep 500-6pm 9-16yr L2-3 Fabrics 530-645pm Advanced.png

Upcoming Special Events

Our next event coming up is Circus In The Park - Free! in City park. July 20th from 10:30am-1pm

Wellness, physical literacy, and creative expression through circus arts.

Private Party Time!

Whether you are celebrating a birthday, graduation, or simply getting together with friends, we offer puzzling movement challenges, team building experiences, and opportunity for creative exploration. For all Ages! Book yours today

We perform. We teach. We explore.

Take one class or a series of classes at the circus center. Hire us to perform for your event. See us perform at community events around Northern Colorado!

Gymnastics studio

 kinesthetic intelligence & self expression

Circus arts such as juggling, aerial dance and partner acrobatics can be valuable non-competitive activities with which students can develop strong positive relationships, self-confidence and self-expression, while gaining knowledge and experience in health related skills they can use for a lifetime!

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