Moving For A Lifetime

Circus arts, such as dance, acroyoga, and aerial acrobatics can be valuable non-competitive activities. These activities cultivate intellectual, physiospatial, and kinetic awareness with psychological benefits of self-worth, self-confidence, and self-motivation. By participating in such activities, students develop abilities in self-expression, collaboration, and musicality, all the while building strong bones and muscles and improving cardiovascular health.

Health-related skills can be learned at any age. In example, participate in a range of types of exercise throughout the week, drink lots of water, eat vegetables and fruits as snacks, warm up for and cool down from your work outs, and eat protein after a hard work; just to name a few! Ongoing practice bolsters improvement and self discipline.

It is important to provide holistic physical education that emphasizes access and success for all, while illuminating personal and communal benefits. This type of programing will support people in continuing to be active throughout their lifetime. It will prepare long term athletes who enjoy competitive sports and those who may not be interested in or able to achieve elite competition levels.

The Fort Collins School of Circus is committed to cultivating personal growth and awareness through Circus Arts. We can offer weekly classes, specialty camps for days and weeks out of school, physical education services to home school families and public or alternative schools looking to travel and explore. The company would also provide a home to professional circus artists in the area for training and Colorado Cheer Academy’s program two days per week.

All programming would not only provide a holistic physical education to participants, but also fiscally support the maintenance of a grand circus arts facility here in Fort Collins!