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Family Acro time!

Create pyramids with one another to get a holistic workout. Print

Participating in acrobatics with others builds strength, clear minds, knowledge in spatial and body awareness, and communication skills. Collaborative efforts practiced in acro develop valuable skills needed in times of challenge. Perform some of these and find out what your strengths and weaknesses are.

Tips for technical execution:

  • "stacking" = Body is strong keeping joints in alignment.
  • Engage muscles and be able to hold your shape for at least 10 seconds.
  • Avoid pressing into parts of another person's body that make them uncomfortable* ie. the spine.
  • Use your shin bones instead of your knee bones to kneel on your base.

*remember, new challenges are often times uncomfortable. Some of these acro pyramids will be uncomfortable at first. With determination you can overcome some discomfort to accomplish the common goal.

Tips for communicating:

  • Magic word is 'down'. If someone says that, everyone works to safely bring the flier to the floor.
  • Once the flier(s) is on the ground, take turns voicing your struggles and see what everyone can do to address them during the next practice.

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