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Circus Arts are Indispensable

Hello world. New world. An evolution of economic and societal organization is upon us. We are all required to evolve with it. How can the circus arts and its students and professionals evolve with the world?

This is something I have been contemplating because the circus arts are such an enormous part of my life and who I AM. The current global circumstance has inspired me to gather up all of my passions, skills, and capacities to find the answers to this exact question.

One of my passions is to share what I love with others. Fortunately my main passion for movement is a healthy habit that everyone can benefit from. It is even a state mandated requirement to be educated in health and how to be physically knowledgable (literate, to quote the guiding documents).

With my experience writing curricula and assessment for the state of Colorado according to the state's educational standards for dance and physical education, I am now writing a circus arts curriculum by the same standards with intent to provide fun and interesting ways to deliver content to our students.

Our future programming will include standard driven lessons for students from preschool aged through high school. Data collected during this holistic physical education in circus arts will be recordable and deliverable to educational agencies for credit towards proof of "prepared graduates in physical education" 1999-2020 Colorado Department of Education, https://www.cde.state.co.us/cophysicaleducation

Intended undocumented benefits of our programs will include meeting standards in art, health, and music education, too.

If you would like to support me in any way during this evolution, please reach out to me fortcollinscircuscenter@gmail.com