Pricing and Policies

New Session based enrollment for 8-12 yr and teen classes.  Here’s the low down.  Our new sessions are 12 weeks long. The 9th or 10th week will be dress rehearsal, The 10th or 11th week will be performance week. Look for email updates as we approach those dates. The session based enrollment allows us all some breathing room in regards to signing up and paying for classes. Woohoo!  Any classes missed need to be made up on another day of the week during the session in which you enrolled. All holiday weeks are not included in the session, though drop in classes will be offered to those who do not go on vacation. 

Student dress code. We will do our best to have extra pieces of appropriate attire on hand if a student is not following the dress code. Please be prepared!

    1. Please wear fitted clothing. Full length leggings are most appropriate to avoid fabric burns and lyra bruises (although not all can be avoided!). Instructors may ask students to wear long sleeves if the content being delivered is new and harsh to areas of the arms.
    2. No jewelry. These can tear holes in fabrics. If an earring gets caught on any apparatus it could tear your ear! Rings will be bent out of shape on hard apparatuses and may hurt your fingers.
    3. No buttons or zippers on clothing. These also tear hold in fabrics and are just uncomfortable on the hard apparatuses.

Late for class policy. Please let us know as soon as possible if you will be late for a class.

    1. If you are more than 15 minutes late for a class the instructor will not allow you to participate. This is for student and instructor safety – if you haven’t warmed up appropriately, the risk of injury increases.
    2. You will not receive reimbursement for a class that you miss due to tardiness.

Cancellation policy. Please let us know as soon as possible if you will be cancelling attendance.

    1. Cancellation of a class, workshop, open work-out or jam must be made 24 hours in advance to receive a credit to account or a make-up opportunity, unless for a medical emergency.
    2. A missed class/event can be made up on another day within the month which it was scheduled.
    3. All make-up classes must be scheduled with the manager or instructor.
    4. Cancellation of birthday party or special event must be made 30 days prior to the event for a full refund. There is a cancellation fee of 20% thereafter up to 7 days prior to the event. Cancellation within 6 days of scheduled event there will be no money refunded.

Viewing policy. We welcome any family and friends to stay and watch our students!

    1. All adults and children not enrolled as a participant in a particular activity must stay off of the foam floor and behind the partition wall.
    2. Parents, please do not coach our staff or students from the “side lines” (congratulatory cheering is OKAY). We are open and welcome to suggestions and feedback before or after class and also written in our suggestion box.

Superhero policy. Be a super hero.

  1. Congratulate others on their accomplishments.
  2. Encourage others with positive words and actions to be the most super they can be.
  3. Try your best. Only perseverance and dedication makes improvement!

Thank you for joining in the circus fun. You are a superhero!

Pricing for 2019

Tots dance and tumble = $52 per month; $15 drop in. 

Kids 5-7 yr tumbling = $70 for a 4 pack; $20 drop in. 

Kids 8-12 yr aerial $104 for a 4 pack; $28 drop in. Session based 12 weeks = $336, session includes open workouts.  Sibling discount is 10% off, trial class NOT included.

Adult dance, acro, flow arts = $50 for a 4 pack; $15 drop in

Adult and Teen aerial 

  • $91 for a 4 pack; $25 drop in.
  • 1 and 1 aerial membership = $120.19/month; includes one class and one open work out per week.
  • 2 and 2 aerial membership = $190/month; includes two classes and two open workouts per week.
  • Unlimited aerial membership = $300/month; includes all aerial classes and open workouts.

*Membership does not include cross training and floor classes. These should be purchased separately as drop-ins or class packages.

*Membership Includes access to community facebook page for scheduling “buddy work-outs” at any convenient time for you and a buddy when the space is available.

Open FLOOR work out = $5 (open bounce, too)

Open AERIAL work out = $40 for a 4 pack; $12 drop in

2 hour special workshop with guest teachers = $45 – $80 depending on travel distance.

Kids circus workshops = $70 full day

Birthday Parties =

    • $175 for 1.5 hrs up to 12 guests.  All those who go on the main floor are considered guests no matter what age (kids). 2 hours would be $215
    • Extra kids $50 up to 20; $75 20-25 guests.
    • When having 20-25, Suggest 2 hrs for $250.
    • Add a face painter for $50 per hour
  • Add a circus performer – aerial, stilt, contortion, flow art – $50-75 for each performer