Summer Camps

2020 Summer camp schedule    Registration link

We are now offering full day and half day options! We will also offer early drop off and late pick up options where needed. 8am early drop off and 5pm late pick up.

Full day drop off at 9:00am and pick up at 4pm 

Half day drop off at 12:30pm and pick up at 4pm

Week 1: June 8th – 12th

Week 2: July 13th – 17th

Week 3: August 10th – 14th

Pricing: Full day = $350; Half day = $225

For Ages 8-13 years

Sign up for two weeks @ 10% discount
Sign up for all three weeks! @ 20% discount

Dance, acrobatics, and aerial arts can be valuable non-competitive activities. These cultivate intellectual, physio-spatial and spiritual awareness with psychological benefits of self-worth, self confidence and self motivation. By participating in such activities, students develop abilities in self expression, collaboration, music; all the while building strong bones, muscles and cardiovascular health.

Camp includes technical and creative movement, both on the floor and in the air. Students will strengthen body and mind in dance and tumbling exercises. Students will collaborate with others and realize their individual strengths through acrobatics. Students will learn aerial technique and engage in creative expression using sling/hammock, silks, lyra, and dancer trapeze. Students will receive verbal and visual feedback that recognizes their accomplishments and encourages them to continue to grow.

Camp overview
Aim: To teach, Learn and play in the acrobatic arts while socializing with similar aged peers. Movement based activities will include information about biomechanics of movement, creativity in moving, and how to take care of our bodies for longevity in the discipline of acrobatic aerial arts. Care for our bodies will include foods to fuel, flexibility and strength training.

Goal: To create an acrobatic aerial dance performance, with a group of peers, to showcase what we have learned in the camp week to our families and friends.