About Us


Program director, Jessica L Schultz (AKA Super Jes), began teaching gymnastics in 1999 while earning her BFA in Dance at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Before graduate school Jes spent 9 years as a performer, producer, director, teacher, and choreographer of dance, gymnastics and yoga in Milwaukee, Phoenix, Brooklyn and New York. She was director and manager of programs at Ms J’s Gymnastics and Dance studio in Brooklyn for 3 years. Jes moved to Colorado in 2011 and earned a MS degree in Sport Pedagogy from University of Northern Colorado where she designed dance and yoga curricula for K-12 PE. Now also a licensed k-12 Dance and physical education teacher, Jes provides a variety of circus arts educational programs in Fort Collins, Greeley, and Loveland.

Jes and other members of FTFC are available for private lessons in dance, yoga, acroyoga, aerial arts. $70 per hour. Email circuscenterfortcollins@gmail.com for booking

Performance – Fractal Tribe Fort Collins

We offer circus birthday parties, special event performances indoor and outdoor, free community events, and private party packages. Skills include LED flow arts, fire flow arts, aerial arts – silks, sling, lyra, dancer trapeze- stilt walking, contortion, and floor acrobatics.  Can also include henna tattoo and face painting. Email us for details!

All our performers and instructors are individually insured.

Circus Artists


Jessica “Super Jes” L Schultz has been an athlete all her life. Jes holds a bachelor of fine arts degree in Dance and has 24 years of performing experience; 6 in New York City! She now dances on the floor and in the air, primarily aerial fabrics and floor acrobatics.

14608787_10207873453577095_4213115722525983436_o“Lindy Spindy”, Duchess of Circus Center Fort Collins, is an accomplished flow artist. Hula hoops are her specialty, but she also spins poi, fans, and fire! Lindy performs with circus troupes in northern Colorado and continues to spread her circus wings.

fireflynightKim , aka “Kim Berley”, is a Philadelphia native aerialist. She has been training in aerial arts for five years and teaching for two. While she specializes in trapeze and silks, she also trains and pays homage to lyra, sling and rope. She enjoys complex choreography incorporating multiple apparatus theories and showcasing strength and flexibility.

10402374_940436142648572_3058372404335459249_n.jpg“Dazzling Drake” Bruner has been training in the aerial arts for over three years now. He is a decorated silks performer, winning the first Rocky Mountain Aerial Arts competition. He is also versed in contortion and more than seven other aerial apparatuses.

IMG_1541Imagine a clowning contortionist who knows how to fly. That’s Lucille Glassman, a 13-year-old who fell in love with aerial silks at the age of 10 and mastered a double-pencil-drop shortly after. She’ll gladly swing from trapeze or twirl in a sling, just give her a reason to perform.

Laurali Firefly smilingLet Laurali Firefly enchant you at your next event! Laurali is a fully insured performance artist, performing professionally since 2006. She expresses herself with a wide range of modalities, including but not limited to fire dance, LED and other flow arts, and acrobatics with flow props. She spins many different tools, including fans, dragon staff, hula hoop (single and double), staff (singe and double), buugeng, poi, and more.

A5190512-7038-4E21-A4DF-1FCAF6826636Corinne is known throughout northern Colorado as Coco Hula Hoop Extraordinaire.  She has been hula hooping since 2009 and can perform with up to 8 LED hula hoops or two fire hula hoops.  She provides mesmerizing shows that will always impress guest and create a magical atmosphere.

IMG_1573_-_MWI-(ZF-6744-53567-1-001)Krista Lockwood has a background in ballet, jazz, and burlesque dancing.  She first picked up a hula hoop in 2011 and began performing publicly in 2015.  She continues to expand her interests in flow and circus arts, including LED and fire performances at festivals, variety shows, and private events.  She shares her passion for the circus community through collaborative choreography and performance.